Fireplace Sweep &

Keep Your Flue Clean and Safe
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What We Do: 

  • Prepare the working area

  • Inspect around and behind your Fireplace

  • Sweep Flue from Top to Bottom

  • Clean Inside 'Throat'

  • Clean Damper, Grate and Bars

  • Clean Hearth

  • CO Monitor Check

  • Smoke Evacuation Check
  • Flue Draught Check
  • Bag and dispose of Soot removed
  • Provide a NACS Certificate
  • Advise On Fuels
  • Make Recommendations 
  • Leave Working Area Tidy

Fireplace With Cast-insert and Mantelpiece  £75



* Chimney's with Wood Burning stoves should be cleaned Quarterly, when in use. 
*All cleaning done with Rotary Power Sweeping equipment. This provides a cleaner finish than traditional brushes. 
*Our Hi-Powered Numatic Vacuum with Hepa filtration ensures minimal carcinogenic particles escape. 
*Minor repairs can be made whilst we are sweeping, such as: Fire Cement sealing around flue pipe
*As a NACS Registered Chimney Sweep, Our Aim is 'Helping Protect the Customer'



Prepare for your Sweep

What to expect on the day of your Sweep

On the day of your sweep, we will arrive as close to the agreed time as possible. We will park in the pre-agreed place and come in to the house to assess what equipment we will need. Sheets will then be laid down throughout, to protect floors and furniture. Once this is done, we will start the Inspection, Sweep and, CCTV Survey if required. 
Afterwards, we will thoroughly clean the work area to make sure that no residue is left over from the cleaning process.

What we ask of you before, during and after the chimney sweep

•    Please ensure that there is parking available. If you are in a permit-only area, please order us a temporary permit. Any parking expenses will be charged to your sweep bill.
•    Have cash or card ready for payment on the day. If you will not be in the house during the sweep, please ensure payment is there for us.
•    Provide as much information as possible before the sweep, including relevant photographs if requested. This allows us to assess the work and to be prepared before we arrive.
•    Please ensure adequate access to the areas where work will be carried out. This includes removing any candles, pictures or decorations from the fireplace.
•    Be aware of potential dangers of the work being undertaken. Children and animals should be kept away from work areas for the duration of the visit.
•    If Possible be available at the end of the sweep, to allow us to talk you through the results.

Tools of the Trade

Our Tools are the latest Rotary Power Sweeping Equipment ensuring a thorough clean of your chimney.
We use a high-powered specialist hoover, fitted with a HEPA filter to remove the soot and residue.
A certificate of chimney sweeping will then be issued, in accordance with NACS guidelines, with the relevant details filled in.

Annual Fireplace
Sweep and Service

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It is recommended that you have your Chimney Swept at least once a year. 
For Peace of mind and to keep your House Insurance valid, it's worth it.
Treat it as an 'MoT' for your Chimney