Stove Sweep &

A Little Treat
For Your Focal Heat


What We Do: 

  • Prepare the working area

  • Remove and clean internal components

  • Sweep Flue Liner from Top to Bottom

  • Clean Flue Pipe / Breast Plate 

  • Check Door and Rope Seals

  • Clean Stove, Glass, Hearth

  • CO Monitor Check

  • Smoke Evacuation Check
  • Flue Draught Check
  • Bag and dispose of Soot removed
  • Provide a NACS Certificate
  • Advise On Fuels
  • Make Recommendations 
  • Leave Working Area Tidy

Stoves with a Liner £75
Stove with No Liner £85



* Chimney's with Wood Burning stoves should be cleaned Quarterly, when in use. 
*All cleaning done with Rotary Power Sweeping equipment. This provides a cleaner finish than traditional brushes. 
*Our Hi-Powered Numatic Vacuum with Hepa filtration ensures minimal carcinogenic particles escape. 
*Minor repairs can be made whilst we are sweeping, such as: Fire Cement sealing around flue pipe
*As a NACS Registered Chimney Sweep, Our Aim is 'Helping Protect the Customer'



Sweep and CCTV

Know For Sure your Chimney Flue is Safe with no Potential Hazards.
CCTV Inspection With Your Sweep for £90
CCTV Images Provided